Brokers & Agents Welcome

At LGI Homes, we know that you are one of the most important pieces of the real estate puzzle for your buyers. We honor that role and look forward to working with you to find the perfect home for your clients.  We know that you and your clients will appreciate our streamlined buying process and our move-in ready inventory.

We are committed to making the home buying process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for you and your clients. At LGI Homes, we are experts in purchasing, development and construction. Through this unique and efficient business model, we build beautiful new homes with great value, exceptional quality, modern floor plans and attractive upgrades— all at affordable prices in fantastic locations across the country.  Our complete inventory of move-in ready homes is one of the many things that set us apart and ensures that you’re certain to find the home of your client’s dreams.

We look forward to partnering with you.

We have built our foundation on providing exceptional customer service. We value each and every opportunity we have to work with true professionals that place their clients' needs above all else. We look forward to partnering with you to provide your clients with a seamless buying experience.

Contact us to learn more about our program and to register your clients.

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Registering Your Client is Easy

You may register your client ahead of time with the customer's complete information. Please contact the Information Center at the location of interest to obtain a Prospect Registration Agreement. As long as the customer is new to LGI Homes and has not visited one of our communities previously or registered through our other contact methods, such as by calling or submitting an online, email, or any other type of inquiry, then you may be entitled to the current selling office commission.

Accompany Your Buyer

When you personally accompany a new customer to one of our communities on their first visit and register them, you will have the assurance the published selling office commission will be paid at closing, as long as the Prospect Registration Agreement process is followed and the customer has not previously visited one of our communities or registered through one of our other contact methods such as calling or submitting an online, email, or other type of inquiry.


Current Customers

If a current customer contacts LGI Homes without a Cooperating Broker or the Broker does not register the customer with their complete information, the Cooperating Broker will be deemed not to be the initial source of contact and cause of the customer’s visit.

Future Buyers

A buyer's previous contact with LGI Homes shall supersede the registration described above. If the Prospect Registration Agreement process has not been executed prior to the customer’s outreach, then you have not met our registration policy and will not be entitled to a selling office commission.

Sea Forest Beach Club model home with dark gray sofa with green and light colored pillows, throw blanket with magazine on it, and framed painting on the wall

*FOR REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS ONLY. Broker & Agent Cooperation. ©2020 LGI Homes, Inc. To become eligible for the Broker Commission, you must be a licensed real estate agent and (1) 18 years of age or older, (2) employed by or otherwise associated with an active real estate broker licensed to do business, and (3) comply with the guidelines outlined on the Prospect Registration Agreement. In order to earn a broker fee, broker must (i) register clients with LGI Homes prior to being shown a property and comply with the guidelines outlined on the Prospect Registration Agreement, and (ii) execute the Broker Agreement following the confirmed eligibility of the executed Prospect Registration Agreement, preferably at the time the customer executes a purchase agreement. The registration is effective for a period of six (6) months from the date of registration. Seller will confirm the relationship with the buyer within seventy-two (72) hours of a submitted Prospect Registration Agreement. No commission will be paid when agent/broker is acting as a principal/buyer or if the buyer is related to the agent/broker. Not valid if customer has previously registered with LGI Homes, whether individually or with a broker. Commission is paid only if, and when a purchase agreement closes and fully funds. LGI Homes reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time. Other terms and conditions apply. See a New Home Consultant for more information. Plans, pricing, financing, terms, availability and specifications subject to change without notice and may vary by neighborhood, lot location and home series. Buyer responsible for all taxes, insurance and other fees.