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Rent vs Buy

Why Rent When You Can Own Your Home?

The Value of Homeownership

At LGI Homes, we believe in homeownership and the value it creates for you and your family. Regardless of what phase of life you may be in, buying a home provides several significant advantages over renting.  
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Invest in Your Future

With rent consistently on the rise, owning a home establishes stability. A mortgage allows you to control how much you invest each month while building equity with every payment. What happens when you rent? There is no equity built for anyone except your landlord. Over time, the thousands of dollars spent on rent never return to you. Why pay someone else’s mortgage when you can invest in yourself? 


Make it Your Own

Ownership is all about you. While renting might seem appealing in the short term, it does not give you the freedom of homeownership. Owning a home means having space and privacy, stable monthly payments, tax benefits and the freedom to personalize your space exactly how you want. Renting offers some flexibility and less maintenance responsibility. Still, the rental will never be yours, and the financial burden increases the longer you rent. 


Save Money Over Time

LGI Homes offers the best value in the areas where we build, providing energy-efficient homes wired for the latest technology - saving you money over time. We are the experts in helping people and families find the right home at the right price.  

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