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Buying Your First Home

What You Need to Know

The Truth About Buying

Have you decided to buy your first home, but wonder what to do next? You are not alone! With our years of experience, we have discovered many misconceptions around the buying process and what you need to get started. Owning your home may be easier than you think! 
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Will I Find a Home With Every Item on My Wish List?

While it is important to know what you are looking for in a home, it is also important to recognize that no one home will likely meet all your wants. At every price point, buyers compromise on something that was on their wish list. Determine what your must-have items are to help guide you in your journey. 


Do I Need a 20% Down Payment?        

A popular belief is that you need to have 20% of your purchase price saved to buy a home. We’re happy to tell you that this isn’t true! Incredible loan programs with $0 down are available.   


Is the Down Payment the Only Upfront Cost?

While the down payment is the largest upfront cost, it is not the only one. Earnest money and closing costs are two other costs to keep in mind. The earnest money is paid when you decide to purchase, typically $1,000, to take your home off the market. Closing costs cover the costs of the closing process, like title fees. The great news is that LGI Homes pays your closing costs when you work with our preferred lender and title company.

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Home is Just a Few Clicks Away.

Ready to move into your perfect new home? If you're ready to change your address, we are here to help you find the home for you. Click the button below to start your journey today!

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