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LGI Homes offers Atlanta area new homes for sale in multiple area communities. If you are tired of renting in Atlanta, locate affordable new homes by visiting the communities today.
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Atlanta's Affordable New Construction Home Builder

LGI Homes is proud to offer beautiful new homes in our amenity-rich communities conveniently located in the greater Atlanta area. Through their stunning new home communities and affordable no money down homes, LGI Homes exemplifies commitment to service, quality and value. Enjoy the slower pace, open space and reduced living expense that exists just a short distance from downtown. LGI Homes' new home communities offer the best of both worlds: affordable homeownership, and the vibrancy, attractions and amenities of Atlanta.

About Atlanta, GA

As the largest city in the state of Georgia, Atlanta is home to nearly 500,000 people. The whole Atlanta metropolitan area is much bigger, with almost 6 million people in the city and surrounding communities. That makes it the 9th largest metropolitan area in the country, and it’s only getting bigger, which is a major plus for a home builder in Atlanta.

Located towards the northern end of the state, Atlanta was founded back in 1837. It started out as a major transportation hub where two railroad lines intersected. The city grew rapidly but it was dealt a major blow when most of the city was burned down during the Civil War. The people of Atlanta were quick to rebuild after the conflict was over, and the city grew by leaps and bounds up until the present day.

Considering its origins, it should probably come as no surprise that Atlanta is still known as an influential hub in the transportation industry. The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is known as the busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger and aircraft traffic. The airport handles more than 2,500 departures and arrivals every day. Atlanta’s subway system also sees a lot of traffic as it is considered the 8th busiest subway system in the U.S.

Sports play a big role in Atlanta, GA as well. The city has a sports team for most major sports: the Atlanta Hawks (NBA), the Atlanta Braves (MLB), and the Atlanta Falcons (NFL). The Braves are in fact the oldest operating professional sports franchise in the country, though it should be noted they got their start in Boston. Having so many teams to root for can look pretty attractive for home builders in Atlanta, GA.

One of Atlanta’s claims to fame comes from hosting the Summer Olympics in 1996, which served as the centennial celebration for the world famous games. Atlanta, Georgia has also played host to two Super Bowls and four NCAA Final Four Men’s Basketball Championships. Atlanta also holds the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl and the SEC Championship in college football every year.

As you’re searching for new homes in Atlanta, Georgia, you may be pleased to know that the city greatly values creating outdoor venues and open spaces for you to enjoy. Atlanta has well over 300 parks, garden, and nature preserves which make up more than 3,500 acres.


Other Atlanta, GA Factoids

Atlanta, Georgia is home to the largest drive-in restaurant in the world. The restaurant is named The Varsity, and it opened back in 1928.

“Peachtree” is by far the most popular name for a street in Atlanta. More than 55 streets have that name within the city.

Atlanta, GA is absolutely covered with trees. According to the National Forest Service, Atlanta is the most heavily forested urban area in the nation. Trees cover nearly 48% of the area.

Atlanta, Georgia is proud to be the home of two Nobel Peace Prize winners. That would be Martin Luther King Jr., who won the award in 1964, and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who won it in 2002.

Film production is a rapidly growing industry in Atlanta, GA. Some famous movies that shot in Atlanta include Captain America: Civil War, Anchorman 2, Furious 7, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

A schoolteacher came up with the name for the Atlanta’s NFL team, the Falcons.

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With communities in some of the hottest states across the country, we understand that it's important for our homes to be not only attractive and well-constructed, but also energy efficient. We strive to provide our residents in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Colorado and Florida with some of the most energy efficient homes.