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Superior Quality & Affordable Value On Exceptional New Homes

When you purchase a new house from LGI Homes, you're not just enjoying exceptional affordability. You’re enjoying the benefits of quality as well. That’s because LGI Homes is committed to building homes in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Colorado, Washington, Minnesota, Alabama and Georgia, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, New Braunfels, Austin, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Tucson, Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Sacramento, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Charlotte, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Nashville, Minneapolis, Denver, Colorado Springs, Birmingham, Athens and Atlanta, that not only meet but exceed our stringent expectations for quality and value. Every element in our new home construction, from the planning, to the people, to the products used, is carefully chosen and considered, in order to build a house worthy of your homeownership dreams. Click here to contact LGI Homes today!.

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New Homes with Solid Building Practice

LGI Homes is able to provide this superior quality at unparalleled prices because of our unique building model. We personally purchase, plan, and develop the land upon which we build our new home communities, a streamlined process that reaps rewards in efficiency and cost-savings. Those savings allows us to integrate sound value into every detail and fundamental of our houses, on par with the new home construction practices used in far more expensive homes. All this, and we still are able to pass substantial savings on to our homebuyers, making LGI Homes a true value for their money.

Solid People Working to Build New Homes

Over the years LGI Homes has built lasting relationships with our trade partners—the craftsmen, workers and managers whose ideas and hands build each one of our homes. Like us, they take immense pride in the quality of their work, and they take the time to do the job right—every home, every time. We know that the legacy of our homes doesn’t end when we make the sale; it carries on throughout the time that you and your family calls one of our houses home. Hard work, disciplined experience, and exceptional professionalism is what we expect from our employees and our partners, so that your home will stand strong and hold value throughout your years of ownership, and beyond.

Solid Products & Quality New Homes

An LGI Homes house is built not just with experience, insight, and workmanship. It’s also the product of wood, concrete, steel and paint. In line with our rigorous standards, we insist upon quality products that will bear up under use and over time. This means thoughtful and thorough construction that protects and strengthens your investment. As a homebuyer, you may not think much about your insulation or your foundation—but we do. And while other builders may cut corners in the places you can’t see, LGI Homes' quality assurance extends into the very structure of your home, which we confidently cover with a 10-year structural warranty.

You simply can’t build quality without the best, which is why LGI Homes has been recognized as one of the outstanding new home builders, for our legacy of quality construction. Great people, great products, great homes. That’s the LGI Homes promise.

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