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11 Popular New Home Construction Areas

in 2024

This year has marked a significant stride in new home construction. With the U.S. Census Bureau reporting 1.3 million housing starts in January 2024, there's been a substantial rebound in single-family home construction.

With that springing momentum into 2024, certain areas are emerging as attractive hotspots for new home construction. Every region possesses its distinctive charm, collectively drawing in professionals and young families searching for a place to call home.

We've compiled the 11 areas shaping up to be the busiest in new home construction this year and looked at what's driving their respective booms in popularity.

Orlando has a Lot to Offer, and It's Getting Better

Orlando's housing market is experiencing rapid growth, fueled by solid job creation and an influx of new residents. Data from the moving company Pods shows Orlando ranked third in long-distance moves in 2023, up from ninth in 2022. In new home construction, the residential sector now accounts for more than half of all construction spending in Orlando, reflecting the soaring demand for new homes.

While there's plenty to love about living in Orlando, there are some obvious reasons behind the surge in popularity. Plenty of sun, a lack of state income tax, and a wealth of amenities are a good start. And when you add in the city's theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, it's easy to understand the appeal.

The tech industry and booming space industry have propelled development in the area. Orlando offers abundant dining, shopping, and entertainment options, rendering it an appealing locale for families and young professionals. The growth throughout Orlando and favorable economic factors incentivize developers to continue building new homes and master-planned communities throughout Orlando's metropolitan area.

Houston, TX, is a Popular Destination Again

Houston exploded as the No. 1 city in the U.S. for new home construction in 2023 and should reach new heights in 2024. Strong job growth in the energy, healthcare, and aerospace sectors and domestic migration have spurred demand for new housing.

Along with a good economy, families are choosing Houston as a place to call home because of its affordability compared to other large cities. In January 2024, the median home sold price was $312,753, down 6.9% from last year. The median home sold price is well below median prices in metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and San Francisco.

The scale of Houston and surrounding areas means ample room for new residential development. The city will remain a top spot for new home construction in 2024 due to its business-friendly environment, skilled workforce and affordable real estate.

Seattle is Back After a Few Years of Decreased Building

You might not have thought a well-established city like Seattle would be a magnet for new home construction. However, the Puget Sound metro area, including Tacoma, still boasts strong demand, driven by the tech sector and return-to-work mandates issued by industry leaders such as Amazon and Microsoft.

While there's a strong anti-development trait to the city, new home construction projects continue regardless, and there are plenty of new master-planned communities springing up in the region. With a distinct blend of natural beauty offsetting the higher cost of living, many prospective homeowners still want to put down roots here.

After a brief dip in the pandemic years, continued positive net migration figures and the relentless growth of the tech sector here will help ensure a healthy demand for new homes in the Seattle area.

Austin is Popular for Various Reasons, and Nearby Cities Have a Lot to Offer

Austin experienced a booming housing market in 2022, with over 8.6 million square feet of single-family homes constructed. While 2023 didn't quite reach those heights, expectations are for Austin to get back on track in 2024. Strong job growth, especially in the tech sector, attracts new residents to the capital of Texas.

There are many other reasons to like Austin and call the city home. The city's attraction stems from its vibrant music and food scenes, outdoor recreation opportunities, festivals, The University of Texas and Austin's attractive business atmosphere. Corporate giants like Dell, IBM, Tesla, and Amazon have major regional hubs where graduates, new residents and career-minded individuals can find ample opportunities.

While there's growth across the city, Austin's suburbs and exurbs will continue to attract homebuyers looking for the perfect blend of lifestyle and amenities in their new homes.

San Marcos is a nearby growing city where many are moving for great weather, gorgeous new homes, and career opportunities in San Marcos and nearby San Antonio and Austin.

Washington, D.C.'s Growth is in Nearby Suburbs

Suppose you thought Seattle was a surprising entrant to this list. In that case, you might be even more surprised to learn that the nation's capital is a hub for new residential construction. Remember that metropolitan areas have suburbs; when it comes to Washington D.C., the suburbs enjoy most of the growth from new home construction.

Despite being long-established, the city's Mayor recently set a goal of producing 36,000 new housing units and 12,000 affordable units by 2025. This publicly tracked target shows the political will to get new homes in D.C. started and on the market.

There's plenty to like about the city as a place to live, too, with D.C.'s dynamic job market (focused on government, policy, law, and lobbying) attracting highly educated professionals from across the country. The district also appeals to young people with its thriving music scene, local dining hits and bar scenes in redeveloped neighborhoods like the Wharf.

Washington, D.C., offers a unique lifestyle and opportunities thanks to its abundance of museums and monuments and proximity to nature in Rock Creek Park and the Potomac waterfront. The city's location also makes it an ideal place to live because of its proximity to major cities and growing suburbs with new construction homes. Attractive suburbs near Washington, D.C., offer a wide range of new home neighborhoods with new homes.

With its wealth of free museums and monuments and proximity to nature in Rock Creek Park and the Potomac waterfront, D.C. offers a lifestyle and opportunities unlike any city in the nation. Add to this the proximity to major cities and growing suburbs with new-construction homes, and you'll understand why Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas are home to ample new-home neighborhoods.

Salt Lake City and Nearby Flourishing Towns

At the top of the list, Utah has the most homes under development, with 11.7 new builds per 1,000 residents (more than double the U.S. average of 5.23 new builds per 1,000 residents).

Most residential development focuses on single-family houses in Salt Lake City and Provo. The region is renowned for its world-class outdoor recreation opportunities and adventures. With the rise of remote work and a growing tech sector within the city, families are flocking to the "Silicon Slopes" to enjoy the best possible work-life balance.

While the Great Salt Lake and its marinas offer beaches, sailing, and stunning sunsets, hundreds of miles of trails allow hiking, biking, and some of the best skiing in the world in multiple resorts in the nearby Wasatch Mountains.

Meanwhile, alongside the dozens of up-and-coming tech startups mentioned above, prominent employers like Adobe, eBay, and Goldman Sachs have offices in the Salt Lake Valley, contributing to a thriving local economy. This combination of lifestyle perks and business environment sees Utah poised for another year as a leading location for new homes.

Tampa, Florida is Growing, Attracting Talent and Business

Numerous factors are fueling the residential building boom in Tampa. The drive to increase the supply of homes is mainly about meeting continued population growth. The metro area added over 67,000 new residents in 2022 alone and is ranked number three among the cities people most want to move to.

It's evident why Tampa secures a top spot on the list with its warm climate, pristine beaches, and affordability compared to places like Miami. Employment opportunities are substantial here, too, with major employers like MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa General Hospital, and the University of South Florida helping power the local economy.

With sunny weather, a robust and growing economy, and abundant recreational amenities, Tampa offers an attractive lifestyle that tempts many. If you're looking for affordable new homes in Tampa, you can expect competition while house hunting.

Dallas-Fort Worth Has a Strong Economy, Affordable Homes, and Entertainment

With three Texas cities on this list, it's no surprise that Texas led the number of building permits issued last year, beating Florida into the second spot. Aside from the new home construction hubs of Austin and Houston, there's plenty of activity in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, with local governments incentivizing development around transit corridors.

Like the state's other leading cities, the region benefits from a business-friendly environment, large corporate operations like Toyota, JPMorgan Chase, and American Airlines for employment, and a relatively low cost of living – the median home sold price was a modest $342K in January 2024.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex also offers plenty of attractions and entertainment options. Sports fans can cheer on the Cowboys, Mavericks, Stars, and Rangers in major league games. Alternatively, there's a lively arts scene with the standout Dallas Museum of Art and plenty of live music venues and rodeos. Meanwhile, trendy restaurants and bars populate neighborhoods like Knox-Henderson and Deep Ellum.

With all of the above and more to offer residents, the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area should remain a top destination for homebuyers and a popular place for new construction homes.

Minneapolis is Cold, but Its Quality of Life and Career Opportunities Attract Residents

Minneapolis continues to see steady demand for new home construction, supported by its strong economy and Midwestern charm. Large employers like Target, UnitedHealth Group, and U.S. Bank are headquartered in the Twin Cities area, providing a stable base of professional jobs in finance, healthcare, and technology.

But the city's appeal goes beyond its economic fundamentals. Minneapolis has routinely ranked among the nation's most livable metro areas thanks to its parks, lakes, arts scene, and high-performing education systems. The city has experienced a cultural renaissance recently, with new restaurants and breweries popping up across neighborhoods.

Transit-oriented development continues along the expanding metro lines. At the same time, master-planned communities in Minneapolis offer single-family home options that are hard to resist. While extreme winters limit construction, the overall quality of life has more people looking to call Minneapolis home. This migration supports the solid pace of new housing development.

Riverside Offers California Life Without the High Costs

Riverside and the wider Riverside-San Bernardino metro area are fast becoming one of the hottest markets for new home construction. Fueled by an ongoing exodus from more expensive coastal cities like Los Angeles, the Inland Empire has seen droves of homebuyers entering the market looking for more space and affordability.

The area also draws homebuyers due to its easy access to mountains, deserts and beaches, which allow hiking, camping and water sports. Meanwhile, logistics hubs for companies like Amazon have brought thousands of jobs to the region, and universities and healthcare companies provide the area with a solid local economy.

Regarding the types of properties people are buying, Riverside's master-planned communities with amenities like pools, parks, and recreation centers are proving incredibly popular. Given its relative affordability and improving self-sufficiency, Riverside-San Bernardino will likely continue as the go-to-market for meeting California's housing needs.

Atlanta and Nearby Suburbs Continue to Grow

Last but not least on our list, Atlanta is experiencing a surge in new home construction, with over 13,000 new homes built in 2023. The metro's dynamic job market continues attracting new residents from across the country, with leading names such as Home Depot, UPS, and Coca-Cola having headquarters in the city. There's a thriving startup ecosystem, particularly in the fintech and healthcare sector, and two busy international airports that boost business and tourism.

Reputable home builders in Atlanta are helping to meet the ongoing influx of residents with well-equipped, master-planned communities of brand-new single-family homes. These communities, which feature tree-lined roads, parks, and green spaces, make Atlanta an appealing place to put down roots in 2024.

While traffic and urban sprawl pose challenges, the city retains a small-town charm and a cosmopolitan vibe. Given the affordable property prices compared to other well-known southern towns, the demand for new homes in Atlanta may continue for years.

Find Your Dream Home in a Top Market for New Construction

The areas highlighted above represent many of the nation's top markets for new home construction. These areas are experiencing exponential population growth, and homebuilders are developing new home communities and homes for first-time homebuyers and buyers looking for higher-end homes.

If you're considering moving to one of these high-growth regions, explore our available communities online or speak with one of our knowledgeable New Home Consultants. In many regions, we have affordable move-in-ready homes in almost every market mentioned above and sell luxury residences for move-up homebuyers under our Terrata Homes brand.

With over two decades of experience and one of America's leading homebuilders, we're ready to help make your dream of homeownership a reality.

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